New Zealand's Industrialist Casually Donates $50 million and Builds Children's Hospital

Mark Dunajtschik, the survivor of WWII, escaped Knicanin prison camp and was forced to flee from Yugoslavia, his homeland. He became an assistant toolmaker five years after the war ended.
The trade he mastered, and his life experiences have shaped his career and the character of a person he is today.

During the war, housing scarcely existed and living in a housing facility for the mentally and physically disabled was his only option. He realized just how blessed he was when witnessing the daily challenges his housemates faced.

In the 1880s, the facility where he lived was founded by an industrialist. He told the New Zealand Herald that the experience living in that house had inspired him to do something similar.

Dunajtschick uniquely poised to fulfil his wish to give back. He is now 85 years old, one of the most flourishing industrialists and real estate developers in New Zealand.

One cannot turn a blind eye on his philanthropic works when he funds the country's Life Flight Trust helicopter rescue service. In 2017, Dunajtschik invested 50 million dollars of his own money for a new children's hospital building project. His latest major charitable work is supervising the building process of the new hospital in Wellington.

He said that he decided to build the hospital after discussing with Dorothy Spotswood, his business partner, and his life partner. He and Dorothy have been in a relationship for almost five decades.

However, Dunajtschik does not want to solely invest his money in the project. He determines to take a hands-on approach to all his project. He explained that he prefers to use his expertise as a developer rather than handing the cheque to the bureaucrats and let them build it.

The construction has passed a breakthrough over the summer. As Dunajtschik and Dorothy observed on the industrial support cranes were removed from the site, indicating the exterior had been completed.

Chairman of Wellington Hospitals Foundation, Bill Day stated that it is thrilling to witness the vision will soon be realized. He also said that it is exciting to have a splendid new purpose-built facility that will support the sick kids.

Dunajtschik mentioned that his decision to build the new facility was because of those who born in unfortunate circumstance or suffering ill-health.

That is the inspiring life story of a compassionate man who puts his money where his mouth is. He wants nothing but a better future for the unfortunates in this life.

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