Paris, A Six Year Old Launches Her Own Foundation To Help Feed The Homeless

Paris Williams, a little six years old is as adorable as all her first-grade companions and, is set on a firm mission to help support everyone who is less fortunate. She has manifested her firmness by launching her own nonprofit foundation that goes by the name, "Paris Cares". It is to help feed the homeless in her neighborhood.

According to Alicia Marshall, Paris's mom,  her daughter’s inspiration to become a kind-hearted promoter of humanitarian aid was the title character of “One Boy's Magic, ” a children's book by Cari Chadwick Deal. The protagonist here uses his powers to feed and support the homeless.

She was reading books at school about giving and she came home one day, and she was like, ‘I want to give back to the homeless. What can we do to help the homeless?’ KTVI Fox 2 News was informed by Marshall “We kind of brainstormed some ideas and we came up making care packages.”

I wanted to give something to the homeless,” Paris explained, “like the boy in the book.”

Being a wandless magician, Paris turned to seek the help of her parents on grounds of more practical spells. But she let nothing stop her on this mission. As such, Paris collected and delivered more than 500 care packages containing food and other essentials with the help of a non-contact drop-off to downtown St. Louis’s homeless. She also managed to hand out 250 meals to fundamental workers, approximately.


But Paris was somehow just not satisfied with donating goods alone. She sought it important to create a bond with all the people she was trying to help and support. Paris drew a picture or wrote a personal message on each of the packages after filling them herself in an attempt to create the kind of human connection that she felt so many of the homeless direly lack.

It makes me really proud because with everything that’s going on in the world this small child who is entering first grade has such a big heart,” Marshall said. “She wants to give. She wants to help others.”

From Paris's viewpoint, she’s only just getting started, but as obvious as it is, she has already achieved a lot by anyone else's standards. She is also looking forward to holding a Thanksgiving hot-food drive for the homeless and, this is not yet the end, she also hopes to launch a Christmas toy fund for all the kids in need.

I want to inspire people to do good things,” Paris said.

Paris has proved that to be kind and generous all you need to have is a heart. And of course, we all know that where there is a will there is a way. And if you wish to join Paris on her kind mission and help feed the homeless, you can well donate directly to Paris Cares Foundation. There is also another way of helping that is by purchasing Paris Cares masks and T-shirts that have been aired by her Bonfire Account.

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